Watch or Download Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 Harvest

Download or watch full online episode the Smallville season 10 episode 6 (s10e06) titled Harvest. Clark (Tom Welling) is implicated about Lois (Erica Durance) safety so he hives off her away from addressing the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he does clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she could mind of herself, but as a flat strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their designs take a turn for the worse and Lois fetches up in severe danger. Meantime, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) searches for a remedy for Alexander (guest star Connor Stanhope), who is rapidly old. Continue reading

Smallville Infamous S08E15 Download

For those of you who “miss” Smallville Infamous Season 8 Episode 15, at the end of this article, you can download it through rapidshare link or megaupload link.

Previously, I think you need to know the synopsis of this Tv show:
Linda Lake (guest star Tori Spelling) returns to Metropolis and threatens to expose Clark’s (Tom Welling) secret unless he promises to give her exclusive information on the red-blue blur so she can become a star reporter again. Continue reading